Are clinicians at the Main Line Center for Evidence-Based Psychotherapy taking on new clients?

Clinicians at the Center are fielding unprecedented number of referrals. In many instances, this means that new clients must approach scheduling with a bit of patience and flexibility. This being said, the schedules of the clinicians at the Center or changing continuously, as the nature of evidence-based psychotherapy is that clients often see changes in their lives fairly quickly. Most new clients find that they are able to be seen by a clinician within two to three weeks of their initial inquiry, if not sooner.

How long can I expect treatment to last?

Many of the evidence-based treatments that Dr. Wenzel practices are meant to be short-term and time-limited, such as 12 to 20 sessions. However, this range varies widely; some clients need only a few sessions before they perceive that their needs have been met, whereas others recognize that they struggle with long-standing issues and choose to stay in psychotherapy for a longer period of time. The length of time that clients stay in treatment is often influenced by the severity of the problems that they are experiencing, as well as the degree to which they apply the work done in treatment outside of session.

Clients are not obligated to attend a specific number of sessions; instead, they schedule as many sessions as they see fit. Regardless of the number of sessions in which a client participates, It is the mission of the clinicians at the Center to ensure that each session is conducted using the principles of evidence-based psychotherapy and that the client leaves each session with something tangible, such as a tool or a skill, education about an aspect of their condition, an exercise to work on in between sessions, a solution to a problem, or a new way of viewing one’s life circumstances.

Should I consider medication for my condition?

Research shows that both medications and psychotherapy are efficacious treatments for many of the problems that are treated by the Center’s clinicians. However, it also shows that some types of psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, are associated with a better outcome after treatment is over and clients are followed over a period of time. Clinicians at the Center see many clients who choose not to take medications as well as many clients who are taking medications concurrently as they participate in psychotherapy. If you are unsure whether medication is right for you but would like to begin with psychotherapy, your clinician can work with you to evaluate whether medications would be a useful addition to your treatment plan, and she can refer you to one of several psychiatrists with whom she has a professional relationship.

Do clinicians at the Main Line Center for Evidence-Based Psychotherapy accept insurance?

Our clinicians do not participate on any insurance panels and are, therefore, considered out-of-network providers. However, they can supply you with a receipt with your dates of service that you can submit to your insurance on your own for reimbursement. There is no guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for services.

What is the cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made within the strict time frame of 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a bill for the agreed upon session fee. 

How can I pay for sessions?

Without exception, payment is due at the time of each session or is subject to a surcharge. You can pay by cash, check, Mastercard, or Visa. Even if you choose to pay by cash or check, a Mastercard or Visa is required to be on file.